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Located on Central Avenue (Zhongyang Dajie) in Harbin's historic Daoli district, the Jingu Hotel (Jingu Dasha) puts travelers within walking distance of many of the city's best attractions including two of the Harbin. Guests can enjoy Cantonese or Sichuan dishes in the Flower Garden Restaurant or a variety of Eastern and Western dishes from the South Green Restaurant.

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住客评论 2907条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • e02754001
    Bad parking fee is a little expensive
  • eurca
    Friends response was very good, hotel, management units employees high quality, so to extend the day of stay, worth recommendation. opportunity will come again next time to check in.
  • betbet1203
    Good hotel, next to you.
  • e05363658
    Four star hotel is good, although the room style old but comfortable living. most important is on Central Avenue, hanging out is easy.
  • e00915526
    Good satisfaction.
  • yoyoellen
    Golden Valley was cost-effective.
  • fiction
    Good location in Central is convenient to go outside on the street close to the river walk past is very comfortable but a little cold comprehensive hotel facilities very nice very hot water to wash very interesting also is the price is a little expensive for breakfast service very very warm
  • ffuffu
    Friends response was very good, hotel, management units employees high quality, so to extend the day of stay, worth recommendation. opportunity will come again next time to check in.
  • Cidnys
    Location very nice! breakfast! suitable for family fun!
  • E members of Dragon spit
  • cissyjy
    Hotel is located in Central Avenue, very close to the river. the hotel clean, bedding comfortable, it is worth mentioning that, breakfast-Japanese, Western and Chinese varieties.
  • free0527
    Old facilities, great service, overall it is worth staying.
  • gpppp
    Address very well. services generally, first floor bathroom without toilet paper.
  • aprilnancy2010
    Good location and convenient shopping around, but none of underground car park is too small a few parking spaces.
  • xiaomei1211
    Nice hotel good location! very nice!?
  • JoradMa
    Good location, Central Avenue on the edge, but it's not noisy. room was small but very comfortable ... the breakfast needs to be improved.
  • SWF sharp
    Help friends book, value for money should be good, on Central Avenue near the flood control monument, the location is also very good.
  • assume
    Nice is located in the central street is convenient to go outside ... will consider staying again.
  • a152620
    Room slightly small, others are good
  • jinping1218
    Hotel location is very good, in the streets of Central, is convenient to go outside ... service was good ... the rooms are clean. large amount of bathing comfortable. next time you come to live here.
  • Dori128
    Breakfast was good, location OK. So far from the toilet seat toilets toilet paper, Gorilla arm as long can.
  • bigdesert
    Yes, very convenient
  • xiaoann1983
    Overall good
  • ll20080605
    Hotel is located in Central Avenue, near the Songhua River, convenient ... hotel with good service, health and clean, breakfast is rich. If you are traveling, choose this hotel very well.
  • Mr. L
    Good, breakfast great
  • luoxtian1101
    It wasn't too bad
  • Carloyu
    In General!
  • jianiml
    Central Street, the River was satisfied with the price is slightly expensive
  • nagabaobao
    Nice hotel
  • lylinda
    Excellent location, good facilities, friendly, convenient.
  • james2
    As always, good
  • babyvijo
    Very well be upgraded to 15-story smoke-free, back to Central Avenue, and head out to see the Songhua River. Insufficient of is, room Xia just is several other roof of hotel fume mouth, hotel Shi open window fume taste is big, so recommends live two room. no good live guest in smoke-free layer room in smoking, led to we room air conditioning pipeline out is smoky taste, is drunk has. hotel although is attention, can adjustable room, but no approach management to live guest of bad behavior, is helplessAh!
  • fuyun79
    Room non-smoking booked a month in advance, to say no, and had a little accident, other good
  • baodl
    Located in Central Avenue, good, more
  • e00011806
    Set has big bed room, actual upgrade for Suite, 15 floor of floors feel also can, location in central street Shang, lively, but also blocking, out taxi instead not convenient, by leg go's, back is Sophia Church, ahead is flood control monument, if is view attractions, this hotel absolute location superior, also easy found, as health, also is pretty clean of, at least I can accept, service attitude also can unfortunately didn't photo. but after all hotel has year has, didn't so modern.
  • bjyxds
    Even live 4 late, free upgrade luxury standard between, room is things to of, original wrote wrong has. has refrigerator, has lamp, has safe, the aspects design also compared human. location quite good, several minutes to flood control monument, main attractions are in around, morning out play, noon back NAP, night again out. two layer of Beagle pizza self also good, West merged, eat has two times.
  • e01128559
    Which is very nice
  • candypfan
    Hotel very old, most of the tour, top view pretty good!
  • beard
    Location was good from central street for sightseeing and walking around. Services was wonderful. They kept room clean. I enjoyed it. You may go and experience its convinience to look around.
  • elviramu
    Hotel location is very good, on Central Avenue, next to the River, the only downside is the poor room
  • rose_dancing
    Breakfast is very rich, very good
  • prctt
    Location really of is good, out play attractions near, eat words a floor is shelter Tang, dish products rich, volume foot, days eat of are can not enraptured, 10 points closed, too early has, 10 points are was queued of. say said hotel, service didn't of said, son a to Harbin on fell ill has, waiter clean room Shi know has children disease has, active notification kitchen, burn to has soup, really of is thanks. is I live of that between shower room no way didn't curtain, next has many handrails, a bath waterDiffuse Jinshan, husband says the room is supposed to give people with disabilities live, and asked the front desk really give her husband right after such rooms should not put us up, her son was ill, do not bother to change rooms, an elevator turn right after the last one.
  • ccmsjr
  • fangjia1223
    Room was a bit small, nice, a little expensive
  • ggginn
    Which is very nice!
  • Grey_Dai
    Have lived here, very good and convenient. Nice.
  • e00955197
    Located in Central Avenue near the Songhua River, convenient travel and facilitate convenient travel. hotel services, health is very good.
  • bingy_dingy
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good h?h?h?h?h?h?h
  • ecnuboy
    And guests on business, location is good, go out is not far from the River, the traffic is convenient, nearby buildings felt the thick Russia style, price is relatively high.
  • fengyang2011
    Very good location ... go out is central Avenue, surrounded by restaurants. hotel facilities are very good! recommended!